Our services can be combined in any manner to meet your needs. We can offer a service individually or combine up to 3 services. Time permitting, combined services can be offered on the same day or over the course of a few days.


Individual sessions are 60 minutes and start at $110 per hour. Personalized attention is given to our clients, needs are assessed and addressed accordingly. Goal oriented plans are put in place upon first session. 


Team sessions can vary in duration. A minimum of 60 minutes is required. Pricing may vary based upon needs and time required. Upon first consultation, a price point will be determined prior to any services provided. 


Private sessions. Personalized, one on one attention. Our instructors will work on any area(s) that you request. 
•30 minute session $55 •60 minute session $75 •75 minute session $90
Group sessions •60 minute session $70 •75 minute session $85


Individual private sessions only. 60 minutes session $120. 


Meditation sessions are private and individualized. Meditation sessions are tailored to fit the clients needs and what they would like to address. Dynamic movement and pranayama are included to enhance meditation. •30 minute session $45 •45 minute session $60 

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